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.Sored Gear Ready and Go "CR" (Critical Response)

.Sored Gear Ready and Go "CR" (Critical Response)

$ 230.00 $ 299.99

The Sored Gear Ready and Go "CR" (Critical Response) takes the Sored Gear Ready and Go Kit concept to the next level by letting you go from “off duty” to “first responder” in just a few seconds.

Developed in conjunction with Law Enforcement professionals from across the country, the Ready and Go "CR" is designed to both get you up to speed faster and keep you on station longer in the event of a widespread or quickly developing emergency.

At its core, the Sored Gear Ready and Go "CR" is a compact disaster preparedness kit that is designed for individuals who either want to stay super mobile or add emergency kit features to their existing complement of gear. The entire pack is MOLLE compatible for attachment to an existing pack OR you can use the included backpack straps for use as a stand-alone backpack. The choice is yours.

The Sored Gear Ready and Go "CR" provides the core functionality that you need to stay upright in case of emergency. The entire kit arrives at your door completely pre-configured and ready to go out of the box.

Weight: 11.00 LBS

Availability: Ships in 3-5 Business Days.

Pre-configured and ready means:
  • Packaging removed from all items.
  • Documentation consolidated into water tight packaging.
  • All items arranged, organized and stowed. Ready for fast access in case of emergency.

* Denotes additional items or upgrades compared to the standard Runner system
  • 1 Modular Pack (Backpack straps or MOLLE to attach to existing gear)
  • 1 Modular MOLLE Compatible Utility Pouch
  • SOG “Escape” Folding Knife with Belt Cutter and Glass Breaker *
  • Fenix LD12 115 Lumen Compact Tactical Flashlight *
  • Fenix HL22 120 Lumen Headlamp *
  • 4 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries *
  • MOLLE Compatible Dual Pistol Magazine Pouch * (magazines NOT included*)
  • 1 Pair NAR Black Talon Nitrile Gloves *
  • 50 Feet of 7 Strand 550 Paracord *
  • 1 Emergency Poncho
  • 1 Pair Work Gloves
  • 2 N95 Rated Respirator Masks
  • 1 Set of Protective Goggles
  • 2 Hand Warmers by Coghlan's
  • 1 Sored Gear Micro Provision Pack 
    • 6 Food Ration Bars (400 Calories each and nutritionally fortified)
    • 1 Liter of 5 Year Storage Pure Drinking Water
    • No storage requirements
  • 1 Sored Gear Compact Survival Kit 
    • 1 Compass
    • 1 Emergency Whistle
    • 1 Emergency Blanket by Coghlan's
    • 1 BIC Brand Butane Disposable Lighter
    • 1 Magnesium Fire Starter with Flint Striker
    • 40 Waterproof Matches by Coghlan's
    • 1 Tinder Kit by Coghlan's with Flint Striker
    • 50 Inches of Duct Tape
    • 1 Bottle of Water Purification Tablets by Coghlan's
    • 2 Chemical Light Sticks by Coghlan's
    • 2 BIC Brand Ball Point Pens
    • 1 Pad of Paper
    • 1 Set of Earplugs
  • 1 Sored Gear Compact First Aid Kit 
    • 1 4" scissors
    • 1 3" tweezers
    • 1 first aid card
    • 20 plastic bandages
    • 12 alcohol swabs
    • 10 wet wipes
    • 10 antiseptic swabs
    • 3 sting relief swabs
    • 4 pain relief tablets
    • 2 3"x3" sterile gauze pads
    • 1 2"x5yd. gauze roll
    • 1 5"x9" sterile abdominal dressing
    • 1 0.5"x2.5yd. roll of tape
    • 1 disposable CPR face shield
    • Access to 14 exclusive online training videos

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