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.Sored K-12 Medical Kit

.Sored K-12 Medical Kit

$ 229.75

The Sored K-12 Medical Kit is designed and used by professionals in military combat units and offers easy access to the contents. This bag can either be carried by the carrying handles or by the shoulder strap making it a perfect tag-along in your vehicle within your home or office. 

Please note, some items in the Sored Gear Medical Kits are designed for use by trained personnel only. Please seek proper training before utilizing the contents of this kit!

Dimensions: 19" x 14" x 8", 10 lbs.

Item Qty  Item Qty 
Blood pressure cuff kit  1 Cervical collar 1
Stethoscope  1 Pen light 1
Sutures 2 First aid book 1
Pair examination gloves  8 Abdominal pad 5"x9" 10
Pain reliever/Aspirin 20 Safety pins 6
Casualty blanket 84"x52" Silver/OD 2 Hand sanitizer 2oz. 1
Calamine lotion 6oz. 1 Hand soap 1
After bite wipes 6 Sam/univ. splint 1
6" elastic bandage 1 4"x4" sterile gauze 5
1" tape BleedStop bandages  2
Eye pad 5 Triangular bandage 40"x40"x56" 2
1"x3" bandage strip 16 Butterfly strip  5
2"x3" bandage strip 5 Knuckle bandage 10
Ice pack 2 EMT shears 1
SS Hemostats 2 Tweezers 1
Scalpel handle #3 1 Scalpel blades 2
Tongue deperessor 5 CPR mask 1
Antiseptic wipes 45 Ammonia inhalants 5
Air ways Multi Trauma dressing 12"x30" 3
Skin and eye wash 1 Triple antibiotic 10
Burn aid package Latex Tourniquet 1

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