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Target Multi-Purpose Base (MPB)

Target Multi-Purpose Base (MPB)

$ 100.00

Please note that the picture featured does not show the base with the legs. The base comes with 4 legs and hair pins. We’ll remove this message when we can update the stock photo. Rest assured the base you purchase will be complete and ready for use.

A TTM original design! We’ve taken everything in to consideration while designing our patent-pending Multi-Purpose Base (MPB). The MPB was engineered with many different key factors. Here’s some benefits of our MPB…

  •     Portable! The MPB was designed with collapsible legs for easy transport. The MPB is designed to fit in to the trunk of the smallest sedan!
  •     Durable! The MPB is constructed from 3/8″ mild steel with an AR500 protector plate. The AR500 protector plate protects the base from errant shots.
  •     Replaceable components! Should you have a stray bullet hit the base, we offer replacement legs!
  •     Light Weight! Compared to other bases, our base weighs much less
  •     Universal! Engineered to easily adapt to ALL of our target systems
  •     Collapsible! With the pull of a few pins, the legs quickly pop off our target base. Assembly is just as easy!
  •     Sturdy! You don’t have to worry about “wobble”.

The MPB features 2 angle iron inserts. One insert ensures the angle iron is in the vertical position. The vertical position is for our reactive series targets. The angled position, which ensures the angle iron sits at an approximate 22 degree “lean” toward the shooter, ensures the correct angle when utilizing our dueling tree target systems. The only needed for the shooter to source would be the angle iron. We will offer angle iron here under Replacements and Add Ons, but with the cost of shipping, you may want to consider sourcing it locally. Expect to pay $5-$10 for a piece of angle iron. This target system will ONLYwork with Standard American (most common size) 1.5″ x .25″ angle iron.

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