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.The Lock Box (for 4 Adults - a $270 value)

.The Lock Box (for 4 Adults - a $270 value)

$ 195.00

The Lock Box is recommended for up to four adults wishing to supplement their diet with fresh, nutritious, truly organic produce. 

Be sure to specify whether you wish to purchase a Northern Bank (Zones 3-6) or a Southern Bank (Zones 7-12). If you are unsure which growing zone you are in, click here to view the USDA Growing Zone Chart.

Click here to see a list of varieties you may expect to find in your Liberty Seed Bank.


Data sheet

Seed Type Heirloom, non-hybrid, non-GMO
Storage Container Ammo Box
Number of Adults 4 Adults
Varieties Included Over 80
Seed Quantity 25,000
Chart Included Yes
Books Included 1 Book

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Enough seed is provided for a year-round garden for four adult units, along with an excess to hold in reserve in case a particular crop does not do well. (Figure a small child or elderly person as half an adult unit; a teenage boy might be one and a half units!) Families looking at their seed bank as a food safety net in the event of an economic collapse or societal disruption should purchase a Safe. The larger bank will provide a greater cushion in the event of a crop failure.

The Lock Box comes with a laminated Texas Ready Mittleider Gardening Chart and a free copy of The Vegetable Gardener's Bible. This book provides detailed instructions on how to cultivate each variety in your bank (light, water and soil requirements; when and how to plant, etc.). The other books offered on our website are also strongly recommended for those wishing to maximize their harvest and pursue a lifestyle of true self-sustainability.


  • All seeds are non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollinated Heirloom type varieties
  • All seeds are fresh and have a lab-certified germination rate in excess of the USDA requirements for that particular variety
  • Available for Southern and Northern Zones
  • Varieties susceptible to fungal infections, infestations and/or viruses may be treated in order to boost hardiness and production
  • Comes packed in a re-sealable steel US Army Ammo Box
  • Includes a laminated Texas Ready Mittleider Gardening Chart


  • 80+ Varieties Included
  • Over 25,000 Seeds (4+ lbs)
  • Designed to provide the annual nutritional produce needs for 4 Adult Units
  • Includes The Vegetable Gardener's Bible

Note: Price includes 1/2 of shipping cost. Rocky Mountain Readiness is picking up the other 1/2 to  increase the value to our customers.

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