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.AR500 Urban Go Plate Carrier w/ Level III Body Armor

.AR500 Urban Go Plate Carrier w/ Level III Body Armor

$ 199.00

This is a critical part of my own home defense plan.

From AR500:

"The Urban Go Plate Carrier is the most cost effective complete and ready to go plate carrier package on the market that offers rifle threat protection. Our Urban Go package includes AR500 Armor® Level III patent pending Advanced Shooters Cut body armor plates. We put our survivalist mentality to work and came up with the essentials required for scenarios that require quick rifle threat protection, creating an armor system that is ready to go at a moment's notice.

The Urban Go Carrier Package is ideal for home protection and emergency situations where rifle threat protection may be necessary. The open side design with a quick release buckles unfastened allows the Urban Go Plate Carrier to be quickly tossed over a single shoulder and worn over any existing gear or body armor. Front access shoulder mounted quick release buckles allow rapid removal compared to plate carriers that utilize a cummerbund. Fast into action, fast out of action. Due to a cummerbund-less design the Urban Go Carrier is not intended to be used with side body armor plates.

We think everyone should be able to afford body armor and took that into consideration when building this package. In addition to being functional and effective, we aimed for high value and our Urban Go Plate Carrier package delivers.

Urban Go Plate Carrier Specs:

Weight: 1.5lb (unloaded)
Size: Fully adjustable shoulder straps and girth, Medium – XXL (up to a 54” Chest)
AR500 Armor® Urban Go Plate Carrier Features:
• Includes (2) AR500 Armor® Level III 10” x 12” ASC Body Armor Plates  (Front & Back Plates)
• Fully Adjustable from Medium to XXL (up to a 54” chest)
• Quick release side buckles allows the carrier to be deployed quickly
• Quick release shoulder buckles for easy donning and doffing
• Fully adjustable shoulder straps
• Padded font and back panel with molded “valley” airway for improved air flow
• MOLLE based pouches allow for easy removal and reconfiguration
• Emergency Drag Handle
• Front and Rear Velcro panels for ID’s and Patches
• 1000D Nylon Construction

Level III Armor:

Level III Armor:
AR500 Armor® Level III Body Armor is constructed from a proven, rugged, and reliable ballistic steel core. Rated for calibers up to 7.62x51 M80 Ball (.308) at 2,800 feet per second; our level III body armor is multi-hit capable, stress fracture resistant, and rated for stand-alone use. Level III body armor offers the most protection for your buck, and covers the most common threats one could encounter. Including nearly all Military & NATO calibers up to the threat level above. Our level III body armor provides industry leading protection against "penetrator" rounds such as the 5.56 M855/SS109 - which, put simply, can blow through UHMWPE type and similar Level III body armor options.

If you do not require protection against a very specific threat outside of level III rating, we highly suggest level III body armor due to it's superior performance against some of the most common rifle calibers in existence.

AR500 Level III Stress and Live Fire Test

Note: PAXCON Line-X Build-up may take up to eight weeks to ship as AR500 Armor is individually manufactured.

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