Recently, we have been given to opportunity to launch a weekly radio program on emergency preparedness by KCMJ 93.9 Colorado Springs, CO. You can listen online @  KCMJ on Demand  or tune in to the live stream Monday's at noon MDT.

Colorado Emergency Prep Radio's first show aired Monday, 22 May. Our guest was Dr. Mary Zennett and we discussed how stress will impact you and those around you in a crisis and how those physiological changes must be factored into any emergency planning. PTSD and ASD strikes our most training professionals; police, first repsonders, and our military and it may well strike you, a family member or team member in an emergency. Do you know the signs? The treatment? Do you know what the 10-80-10 rule is for emergency prep? Listen to find out.

Why a show on emergency prep? Emergencies happen everywhere and at any time. Just in the last few years, our community has experienced two devastating fires and, unfortunately, the lessons learned from that experience, primarily the need for every person to be ready for emergencies, faded as quickly as the last whiff of smoke drifted away.. The show brings useful information and expert knowledge from a variety of sources to the listeners to help them be better prepared for real possibilities each of us can face.

 When most hear the words “emergency preparedness” a large scale catastrophic event comes to mind; an earthquake, a tornado, the loss of the power grid, or even someone’s favorite doomsday scenario. While all those meet the definition, the truth is an emergency can be a family member falling down the stairs and knowing what to do before emergency services arrives can save their lives because each of us are our own first responders. It’s becoming more self-sufficient through something as common as gardening being a huge help in the event of a job loss or helping out family members in times of need. The possible situations we can find ourselves in goes on and on.

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: Local government emergency plans and how those impact us, communications in an emergency, gardening for emergencies and self-sufficiency (it is different than normal gardens), practical food storage, the need for individual, family and business emergency plans, planning resources, practical training opportunities, does being active outdoors prepare you for emergencies, equipment and supplies for emergency preparation, what makes a good emergency kit, how important is it for every family member to be included in planning, how is financial planning prepping, lessons learned from past emergencies. How can citizens become involved to assist our first responders and our community in emergencies? The subject matter is wide open. 

 We’ll engage the audience by presenting information factually through personal experiences, with subject matter experts within our community, and by asking how listeners are preparing, by answering questions, and learning from one another.

Colorado Emergency Prep Radio is for everyone. You can engage us through our facebook page; Colorado Emergency Prep Radio. We are interested in your thoughts on the subjects presented and in having you share your knowledge and ask questions as we all become more self-sufficient and ready.

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